Music For The Soul

Due to today’s climate, and no I’m not even going to mention the word, there has been a lot of neat and interesting things that have come to the forefront out of necessity for survival; in regards to the way humans around the world have been coping with their current situation. I’ve enjoyed seeing the creative push online with all the music and art from various artist, both professional and non-professional. The images that have been pouring out of Italy of all those poor quarantined individuals, singing and playing music from the rooftops warms my soul and if you are even a fraction of a human it should warm yours too. Fortunately, I have been blessed to witness the creation of new music and musical projects, while practicing the 6 ft. rule, unfold in front of my eyes. Mostly Coffee Cafe has become a nice cozy creative corner in the back of the shop that has been the birth place of some of these creative projects. Music, regardless of who you are or how talented or untalented you may be, it is something that affects all of us one way or another. It provokes emotion. It provokes feeling. It provokes a memory. It provokes happiness. So whatever it is that you may be going through, turn up some music and get lost. It does the soul some good! Keep an eye peeled, as we will be sharing via internet and hopefully in person soon some of this goodness that has been filling the heart of this little ole surf shop.