Learning To Surf In A Natural Environment VS Man Made Pools

During modern times with the rise of wave pool technology, wave pools are being built at an increasing rate. Yes, wave pools have brought surfing to the masses to those who may not have been able to experience surfing in general, but are you really experiencing surfing for the first time in a wave pool? As an 8 year-old I discovered surfing and it changed my life forever.  It was there for me when my mom passed away that first year of surfing. It was there for me when my alcoholic stepmother was physically and emotionally abusive. Surfing has always been there for me through thick and thin.  It wasn’t just the act of riding a wave; however, it was the encounter that I had with the culture and lifestyle that is every ounce of my being of who I am and how I treat people,  perceive life,  and how I handle its ups and downs.  If you are learning to surf for the first time, I would encourage you to learn, if possible in the natural setting that surfing originally began in hundreds of years ago,  in the ocean. The reasons being, is that the ocean changes every half our and learning to adapt and understand weather,  winds, tides, swell direction, and swell frequency will make you an informed and better surfer. It becomes a way of life.  Also surfing in its natural setting allows you to disconnect and connect with nature and yourself, while always seeking the thrill of the hunt and enjoying the adventure that comes with that. It’s the serendipitous moments in-between that  collectively make surfing spiritual and unique from  any other sport and makes surfing, well, surfing.  Contact us today and we will get you in front of one of our well-seasoned instructors,  where we can accommodate  you and your progression of surfing.


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